All Access
This can include Trampolines, High Ropes, and Warrior Course! Choose your length of stay and activities!
Dusk til Dawn
Venture into the depths of the former Kellogg Factory on a self guided expose tour of intrigue, curiosity, fright, and a selfie delight! With 7 Halloween themed exhibits setup to give the best insta post we welcome you to join if you so dare!
Lil' Climbers
Guests must be under 12 years of age, and be wearing socks to participate.
Guests must be at least 6 years of age and wearing trampoline socks to participate in course.
Ultimate Warrior Course
Guests must be at least 6 years of age and 48" (4 feet) tall to participate in course.
Virtual Reality
Play in one of our 22 spacious pods equipped with state of the art VR gear and access to our massive game library! Ages 8+
Virtual Reality Party Pod
A private VR lounge for up to 8 players; complete with 2 headsets to share, lounge furniture, and 4K TVs to watch friends and family play. Ages 8+